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Treatment Centres

Did you know that gambling has the highest rate of transference? That means that folks that leave one addiction may find themselves sliding into a different habit. Book a workshop today to see how we discuss risk-prevention with treatment attendees.

We provide tailored, engaging workshops to fit your goals on gambling, how addiction affects the brain and how to reduce risk associated with gambling.

General Community

Did you know that the stigma around gambling greatly increases the risks associated with problematic gambling? Our community options allow us to share our resources while engaging in a positive and friendly way. ​

If you are hosting a special event, market, career or health fair, we offer booths with fun activities to engage the public and learn more about gambling and gaming. We are creative and make sure that our booth is a fun fit for your event.

Indigenous Communities

Did you know that there are services that are designed specifically for Indigenous communities?

Narrative practices training. This two-day workshop: 'Introduction to Narrative Approaches,' is designed for counsellors, front-line workers, helping professionals and community leaders working within Indigenous organizations and communities interested in learning more about narrative practices. (Paused for COVID)


Did you know that older adults are an at-risk group?

Play FREE Bingo with us to learn about gambling culture, mental wellness and risk-prevention. We provide prizes and light snacks.

Older adult theatre: If you are looking for a fun activity for your senior group, we have the perfect option for you. We will partner with you to offer a light-hearted drama workshop complete with a drama instructor, costumes, and several rehearsal times (snacks included).

Colleges & University

Research shows that 18-24 year old’s are more at risk of developing problems with gambling than adults?

We offer interactive presentations to understand the world of gaming and gambling and how both industries are coming together.

If you are hosting a special event, career or health fair, we offer booths with activities for students to engage and learn more about gambling and gaming.

Community Partners

Research tells us that up to 80% of folks who struggle with problematic gambling have at least one mental health diagnosis, such as depression or anxiety.

We host interactive workshops using the 'the World Café' format or 'Learning Circles' to discuss gaming and gambling and host interactive community 'Lunch and Learn' workshops. Participants receive a light lunch.

We provide in house training for staff at helping agencies that focus on the link between gambling and mental health, treatment services and risk-prevention

Grade 9 to 12 (Youth Groups)

Did you know that research finds that most adult problem gamblers began gambling, on average, at the age of 10.

We host interactive booths over the lunch hour for students to learn about gaming and gambling with giveaways and other prizes.

We provide interactive, fun and engaging gaming and gambling presentations that focus on understanding games of chance and skill, risk, probabilities, and the biological effects of addiction.

We partner with teachers to provide the IMinds Curriculum to their classroom.

Early Years

Did you know that what happens in the early years of a child's life impacts long-term health, language and communication, cognitive and social development?

We bring puppets and stories to engage children in the art of storytelling to learn about risk-taking, listening to our friends and family.

We provide workshops to parenting groups around technology safety planning and risk-reduction

K - Grade 3

Did you know that young children already understand the concept of risk-taking for rewards?

We bring puppets, stories, and an original collaborative board game to engage children and learn more about risk-taking, listening to our friends and family.

We host presentations about gaming and gambling that are interactive, fun and engaging.

Grade 3 to 9

Did you know that the average age that people have their first gambling experience is between 8 and 11 years old?

We host interactive and engaging gaming and gambling presentations to understand risk, probabilities, emotions and chances.

We partner with teachers to provide the IMinds Curriculum to their classroom. IMinds a way of thinking about health education. It encourages young people to develop drug and gambling literacy—the ability to live in the real world in a way that promotes well-being.