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How to Build Connections & Why We Need Them

Special occasions like Valentine’s day can bring up mixed emotions. All of us have times that we feel more connected than others, especially in a pandemic. It can be difficult in our world right now to feel love from family, friends or community, but the need to connect is always there!

When we feel disconnected from people, our community, and our world in general, it is common to seek out connection from other places. Johann Hari’s Ted talk “Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong” inspires us to consider that “the opposite of addiction is connection.” For those struggling with problematic substance use or gambling, Johann advocates for those behaviours to not be met with punishment but a message of “you’re not alone, we love you.”

In many situations, the act of loving connection can feel nearly impossible. This can be especially true where behaviours fueled by unhealthy relationship to gambling, shopping, media or anything else, infiltrates the reward system in our brain. When you are thinking about connection, seek it and find it in your family, community, human or furry friend. Here are Six ways to build connection daily:

1. Message a friend to let them know you appreciate them

2. Spend time appreciating nature

3. Go old school and write a letter to someone you care about and pop it in the mail

4. Smile and say hello, if you’re wearing a mask, let those eyes smile

5. Let your partner or a friend know you care in a way that is meaningful

6. Do something nice for someone random

If gambling is the issue that brings you here, Kootenay Gambling Support provides access to support for individuals wanting to have a healthier relationship to gambling, those impacted by gambling, and communities wanting to encourage healthy connections. These services are offered to residents and communities in BC free of charge. For more information, please check out our support options at

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