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Welcome to Kootenay Gambling Support

Our team is very excited to share our NEW website and Facebook profile with you. We are proud of the ways that we connect with our communities by building long lasting relationships with other social programs in the Kootenays. We offer FREE, low barrier services to people affected by gambling.

We are a group of four mindful women located in the East and West Kootenays working as independent contractors for BC Responsible and Problem Gambling. We bring our years of expertise and passion to support those experiencing problems with gambling or loved ones affected by someone’s gambling behavior.

Our logo is a reflection of our values.

We offer many different FREE services such as counselling, outreach, education and community support. In the last couple of years alone, we have supported individuals in over fifteen Kootenay communities, attended over a hundred events, partnered with over thirty local organizations and presented interactive booths to colleges, schools, markets and health fairs.

We host workshops and presentations for many different organizations, schools, social services, community groups and more. We also have had partnership opportunities for non-profit organizations that are building resilience in their communities. We have provided financial support for community initiatives in the region that have reached hundreds of participants. Stay tuned for updates on past and upcoming events.

Our commitment is to offer non-judgemental services by meeting clients wherever there are on their journey.

If you have any questions about our community opportunities, please send us an email at

If you are seeking help for yours or a loved one’s gambling, call the helpline at 1-888-795-6111 or follow the link HERE.


The Kootenay Gambling Support Team

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