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Why hosting a StoryWalk is the perfect COVID-safe activity for your community

Are you looking for something fun and safe to do in the spring or summer? This COVID-safe resource is good for all ages and accommodates physical distancing while learning and reflecting about our relationship with technology.

Kootenay Gambling Support is offering this FREE resource for community events, schools and other interested groups. This fun, educational activity promotes literacy and physical activity by following the story of our friend Frank the grizzly bear in his adventures, and his recently developed interest in social media and online game play using a smartphone.

Follow Frank as he learns about gambling style reward systems embedded in online games and social media. Frank’s Facebook Fiasco provides an opportunity to learn about and discuss risk-taking, self-regulation, peer pressure, and safer use of digital devices. Every ‘page’ has an activities and discussion questions designed for each age group; yes even you adults!

How to host this StoryWalk® for your group:

1. To request this FREE activity please contact:

In the West Kootenay - Vanessa Lozecznik:

In the East Kootenay - Michelle Shewell:

2. We set up the StoryWalk® activity on the day of your booked program. Twenty weatherproof laminated 18” x 24” story panels are self-supported on flexible metal frames designed to be placed in soft ground (lawn, paths, trails) a minimum of 3 metres and up to 20 metres apart.

3. We can lead a group discussion to help you debrief the activity or we can give you a guide to reflect on the activity with your class or group.

4. This activity can be held outdoors year-round. It is important that students and families know beforehand to bring weather appropriate clothing and good walking shoes for the day of this program.

5. Children will be given a take-home package that includes a copy of the storybook to encourage discussion of the activity and healthy social media use with their families.

6. This is an all-season experiential learning activity for teachers and community organizers to guide discussions and promote a healthy relationship with technology. We recognize that many of the attributes imbedded in social media and gaming are replicated in gambling. We know that by promoting critical thinking, self-regulation, and healthy behaviors folks are less likely to develop dependencies with gambling, gaming and social media.

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