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Are you looking to book a workshop, presentation, family-friendly activity, or a fun booth? We offer community engagement services that create awareness, educate, provide resources and funding. Together we build strong partnerships and collaborations with agencies or organizations located in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia including Cranbrook, Castlegar, Creston, Fernie, Golden, Invermere, Nelson, and surrounding communities. 

Prevention of problems like gambling is based on acknowledging and building upon individuals' strengths and therefore healthy communities. By respectfully listening to community needs and supporting grassroot projects, together we can build resilient communities.


To find out more, or to book a workshop or other community engagement activity, contact us here.

Workshop Opportunities

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Early Years

Did you know that what happens in the early years of a child's life impacts long-term health, language and communication, cognitive and social development?

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Grade 3 to 9

Did you know that the average age that people have their first gambling experience is between 8 and 11 years old?

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Commuity Partners

Research tells us that up to 80% of folks who struggle with problematic gambling have at least one mental health diagnosis, such as depression or anxiety.

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Did you know that older adults are an at-risk group? ​ Click below to find out more.

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General Community

Did you know that the stigma around gambling greatly increases the risks associated with problematic gambling? Our community options allow us to share our resources while engaging in a positive and friendly way. 

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K - Grade 3

Did you know that young children already understand the concept of risk-taking for rewards?

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Grade 9 to 12 (Youth Groups)

Did you know that research finds that most adult problem gamblers began gambling, on average, at the age of 10.

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Colleges & University

Research shows that 18-24 year old’s are more at risk of developing problems with gambling than adults?

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Indigenous Communities

Did you know that there are services that are designed specifically for Indigenous communities?

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Treatment Centres

Did you know that gambling has the highest rate of transference? That means that folks that leave one addiction may find themselves sliding into a different habit.

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